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There is no separation between self, others and those around us: we have an impact, whether emotional or physical, on our environment. 


Je suis Toi (I am You) what is it?


It’s a board game that can be played starting at 3 years old and that, through illustrated cards, helps to raise awareness, in a playful way, of the concepts of empathy, tolerance and inclusion.
It imparts the notion, from early childhood, of putting oneself in the place of another. I am the Earth, I am the Tree, I am the Water — this understanding that we are one with others and nature is key in order to create an awareness of empathy and of the well being of the planet: such is the mission at the heart of Je suis Toi.


The game also allows young and old alike to learn French, English and also Spanish! Knowing another language opens us to the world and helps us better understand other cultures.


A little bit of history…


The game Je suis Toi (I am You) comes from the Lotería (similar to bingo), used in the Mexican tradition to convey values and their link with the country's history. I am You is also inspired by the Mayan culture. The Mayans used to greet each other by saying "In Lak'esh", for which the literal translation is "I am another you". An example of the many meanings of this phrase would be: if I love you and respect you, I love myself and I respect myself. These are the values that this game aims to transmit, especially to children.

Je suis Toi is designed by Veronica Alva with illustrations inspired by Quebec’s natural heritage.

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